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Sweet Corn Division

IFSI began its sweet corn program in the early 1960s when the value of the shrunken-2 gene was identified.  Shrunken-2 varieties of sweet corn are unique in their ability to maintain a sweet flavor over an extended period.  A genetic block in the biosynthesis of sugar to starch maintains high levels of sugars in the kernels of "Xtra-Sweet" and "Xtra-Tender" sweet corn products.  These higher levels of sugars are preserved as the natural accumulation of starch is nearly stopped.

The demand for IFSI's "Xtra-Sweet" and "Xtra-Tender" sweet corn in the home garden, roadside stand, and shipper markets has grown dramatically due to VALUE. 
The value for "Xtra-Sweet" and "Xtra-Tender" sweet corn comes from its SUPERIOR TASTE, extended shelf life, and overall product quality.

  • Superior eating quality and taste with at least twice the sweetness of your everyday sugary sweet corn.
  • Holds its eating quality up to a week longer than sugary sweet corn, which allows for more flexibility at harvest time, as the flavorful sweet taste you expect is maintained. Sh2’s are great for freezing at home.
  • A premium quality product, which gives you up to 1/3 more kernels per pound when compared to conventional sugary sweet corn.

Products developed by the sweet corn research program are widely varied and are often dependent upon a distinctive collection of traits specific to a particular industry, country or region.  Yellow, bicolor, and white hybrids are developed for fresh and processing markets worldwide, with an emphasis on kernel quality and agronomic requirements unique to each market.  Aside from the agronomic and disease tolerance characteristics required by growers, kernel quality and taste characteristics are vital to the success of any hybrid product.  Ear size and shape, kernel refinement, color hues, tenderness, texture, sugar content and flavor are examples of quality characteristics that can be very important and market specific.

Minimum order of 500 pounds

VISION - is a 73-day yellow with a 7.8" - 8.0" ear, good germination, attractive ear and package, superior agronomics. Trademark Xtra-Tender brand eating quality. May be the best eating yellow Xtra-Tender sold today.

XTRA-TENDER BRAND 270A - is a 70-day bicolor with an 8.0" ear, aggressive early growth and sweet long-lasting eating quality in an early variety.

XTRA-TENDER BRAND 274A - is a 74-day bicolor with an 8.0” – 9.0” ear, tolerant to root lodging, very tender and sweet, excellent emergence and seedling vigor. An early large eared bicolor with Xtra-Tender eating quality.

XTRA-TENDER BRAND 277A - is a 77-day bicolor with a 7.5" ear, exceptionally tender and sweet flavor, setting the standard for Xtra-Tender eating quality.

XTRA-TENDER BRAND 378A - is a 78-day white with a 7.8" ear, excellent emergence and seedling vigor, superior agronomics and a great taste.

NORTHERN XTRA-SWEET - is a 67-day yellow sweet corn hybrid with a 9.0" ear and excellent emergence and seedling vigor.

ILLINI XTRA-SWEET - is an 85-day yellow sweet corn hybrid with an 8.0" - 9.0" ear and good emergence and early vigor.  Flavor and sweetness are excellent!  A home garden standard for over twenty years.

HONEY 'N PEARL - is a 76-day bicolor sweet corn hybrid with an 8.5" - 9.0" ear.  This historic favorite has exceptional eating quality for an Xtra-Sweet, especially suited for whole kernel freezing.  Planting should be delayed until conditions are more favorable for emergence and early seedling growth.

IFSI Sweet Corn Products
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