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Sweet CornProducts

Quality without compromise. You'll find it in every IFSI seed.

Through decades of developing the best yellow, bi-color and white sweet corn hybrids, we know there are no shortcuts. We deliver products for Fresh Market and Processing that consistently outperform across environments.

Count on our research and products for superior kernel quality, disease resistance, seedling vigor, shelf life, and improved taste characteristics. Ear size and shape, kernel refinement, color hues, tenderness, texture, sugar content and flavor are examples of important quality characteristics we develop for specific markets and needs.

We don’t believe in one-hybrid fits all. We research, innovate and develop products to meet needs and challenges based on location and what customers are trying to achieve. Products developed by our sweet corn research program are unique – each is dependent on characteristics specific to a particular industry, country or region.

We keep a robust supply of inventory in stock. Don't have what you need today? We'll suggest an effective substitute.

"The most recent excitement is around the earliness of some new varieties that pair with hybrid improvements.

On the Fresh Market side, we have Kickoff XR and Hero XR which have done very well. 69 days and 71 days respectively, both have had a great response from the market."

On the Processing side, we have 1972 XR that is a significant improvement in yield and recovery, and provides processing plants with the opportunity to open earlier. We understand the processing plant is a huge investment and the more days they can run product, the better return they have.

Clinton, Naugle, President

The world's best dealers, growers, distributors and agriculture leaders choose IFSI.