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Field Crops Division
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We firmly believe building win/win relationships through licensing
is critical in creating long term success for our customers.

Field Crops is focused on creating world class genetics in dent corn and committed to delivering quality seed to our licensees and customers.  Alliances and license agreements allow Field Crops to deliver current and future technologies in high performing genetics.

Field Crops works with diversified Originators, including our own research group, ranging from multi-national companies to successful regional breeding companies.  We represent over 20 dent corn research programs world-wide.


Originated products are evaluated in our cooperative testing program at more than 600 locations throughout the United States.  Using proprietary data software, elite products are identified for commercialization.  Customers can access performance and agronomic information on these products utilizing IFSI's Detail Data II.


Field Crops Division supplies hybrid and inbred seed to our customers for testing and commercialization.

For additional information contact: SGI@ifsi.com

Production Services   
Our seed facility is ideally suited to meet the specific needs of our customers.  Pilot production, contract production and inbred increases are managed by our experienced staff.

Seed Services offered by IFSI Include: Conditioning, Grading, Treating, Color Sorting, RIB Blending, Bagging/Rebagging and Cold Storage.

  IFSI is certified in the Production, Receiving, Conditioning, Treating, Packaging, RIB Blending, Warehousing and Shipping activities in the Corn - Soybean Departments under the ISO 9001:2008 Standard. 

Soybean seed increase and production are also available.

We insure that seed is grown, harvested and conditioned to the highest standards.

For additional information on IFSI's Seed Services or for Pricing contact: Production@ifsi.com


"Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc. is committed to development and dedicated to quality to the products and services within our Documented Quality Management System."

Research and Breeding
Our internal dent corn breeding program is designed to deliver high quality inbreds and hybrids to the licensing group.  Currently there are two stations conducting research for IFSI in Clarion, IA and Geneseo, IL.  Each station has two breeding programs and broad testing programs.  The Clarion, IA station has breeding objectives and responsibilities for 95-105 day and 100-110 day development.  The Geneseo, IL station has breeding objectives and responsibilities for 100-110 day and 105-115 day development.

In addition to these stations winter nurseries are conducted in Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Argentina, and Mexico.

Our trait introgression program based in Central Illinois combines our high yielding base genetics with in-plant herbicide and insecticide protection.  The conversion program utilizes molecular markers and year round nurseries in tropical environments to accelerate trait incorporation.  Field Crops Divison has agreements with all major trait providers and is delivering the highest level of stacked traits.

We continue to be committed to innovation and provide opportunities for employees, customers and shareholders.